ID Agent

What does the dark web look like?

IDAgent makes software that prepares and protects organizations from the persistent threat of hackers. Their industry-leading platform scours the dark web and immediately alerts companies when an employee’s credentials have been compromised. The cybersecurity space is crowded and standing out was becoming increasingly difficult. We determined early on that we had to be different to be effective. We needed to look beyond clichéd images of binary code and hooded figures and create a powerful brand experience that could stand out in sea of noise and similarity. Plus, we just thought the smoke looked cool.

Core Services: Research | Design | Advertising | Digital

A crowded marketplace demands strong visual branding.

New cyber companies are running rampant. IDAgent needed an ownable, visual identity to help them shine among the myriad of cyber security brands that dominate the landscape. As a technology branding agency used to helping clients stand out, we knew they needed an overall brand experience that would be as positive as it was unique. We chose smoke to symbolize the ominous, unknown, shifting nature of the dark web, and by incorporating their simple, powerful hex shape into their new identity, we unified and tied it all together. Bright brand colors and smart applications of  yellow balance out the smoke and add personality and energy in an industry that leans toward dark and somber. Our creative direction and visual toolkit will drive their technology branding, as they update their advertising and digital platforms, which includes a new cybersecurity web design.

Pure and simple, passwords are weak.

IDAgent understands why pockets of the Internet are perfect for criminals to hide in and do bad things. They also know why passwords on their own won’t protect critical information. Passwords reflect the simplicity of human nature; hackers can figure out our patterns and variations in seconds. Smile123…Really? Just as the smoke shows the porousness of passwords in a memorable way and distills the complex concept of security to a simple, understandable idea, the disintegrating lock shows what happens when a system you think is secure really isn’t.

Who needs bullets when you have animals?

Almost everyone in cyber security branding talks about the same features and benefits using long bullets that bore readers. Since these concepts were going to be used in a technology website design and other digital platforms, we needed novel descriptors that would engage audience more cleverly than bullets and pictures of people staring at their devices, and we found the perfect symbols in the animal kingdom. Choosing the owl, lion, and bull to represent their three core messages of speed, vision, and strength, we translated these concepts into simple, yet memorable designs with loads of options for scalability and future additions.

A visual personality to put them above the rest.

The smoke. Wow. We knew we had something that would kill on leave behind items, as we watched it transform plain coffee cups, t-shirts, and other brand executions by adding mountains of personality. Using yellow as a splash color helps reinforce the illumination potential of IDAgent and shows how their platform can reveal flaws and holes before they become insurmountable chasms. IDAgent now has a distinct identity that works in countless mediums, for complex, interactive experiences as well as simple takeaways, like a pen for a tradeshow. This identity highlights how the company lights up all corners of the dark web, keeping criminals out and data safe.