But then I discovered design. And I realized conformity wasn't the answer. It was the enemy.

But then I discovered design, and I realized conformity was not the answer. It was the enemy.

There are several principles of good design, but contrast is far and away our favorite. Without it, there is nothing.

It was this thinking—this unrelenting desire to stand apart—that inspired us to launch Contrast & Co., a boutique brand strategy, design and digital studio driven to create the smartest and most effective brand experiences anywhere.

We came from the world of agencies, and have been the Digital and Creative Directors at the biggest shops in town. Agencies can be fun places, but they are not without flaws. Look beyond fancy offices, big teams, and glossy leave-behinds, and you will find a surprising amount of predictability, friction, and inertia. Those are the enemies of true creativity and the hidden factors that compromise outcomes for clients.

We’re not going to do that. We may not have a slick video reel, and you will likely not have a team of eight people sitting across the table from you, but what you will find here is a group of highly talented creative individuals solely focused on you, your brand and your objectives.

It is our passion to create possibility, and we refuse to accept reality as a limitation. This industry will always be filled with constraints, and it is tempting to succumb to them. But real opportunity usually lies deeply buried within the insurmountable, and that is exactly the space you will find us exploring.

Dharma PachnerFounder + Creative DirectorContrast & Co.